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City of Windhoek presses forward with informal electrification initiative

City of Windhoek presses forward with informal electrification initiative

In a collaborative effort between the government and the City of Windhoek municipality, strides are being made in electrifying informal settlements, with plans to connect over 700 households in Windhoek’s informal areas by the end of August, an official announced.

The Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni, unveiled this initiative at the official groundbreaking ceremony for the high mast lights project in the Samora Machel Constituency. The project aims for full functionality by the end of July.

In his statement, Uutoni underscored the significance of this electrification endeavor, particularly the installation of high mast lights in Windhoek’s informal settlements, as a means to enhance residents’ quality of life.

The minister lauded the municipality for its dedication to providing electricity to marginalized communities, aligning with government priorities.

“I am pleased to learn that the municipal council of Windhoek also recently approved the revised Electrification Plan to guide the implementation of the electrification projects for the next five years,” he remarked.

The project targets electrifying approximately 4,000 households over the next five years, with an estimated annual cost of around N$20 million for the Windhoek Municipality.

“Our holistic approach to development ensures that all these essential services are intertwined, creating a supportive environment where communities can thrive,” he concluded.

The City of Windhoek commenced electrification efforts in informal settlements around Windhoek during the 2017/2018 financial year.


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