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28 May proclaimed as Genocide Remembrance Day

28 May proclaimed as Genocide Remembrance Day

The Cabinet has declared May 28 as Genocide Remembrance Day, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s journey to acknowledge and address the past.

The announcement, made during a press conference in Windhoek, saw the Speaker of the National Assembly, Prof. Peter Katjavivi, delivering remarks.

The decision to designate 28 May as a day of remembrance traces back to a motion tabled by the late Kuaima Riruako in 2006, followed by continued efforts by Usutuaije Maamberua to establish this dedicated day.

Katjavivi highlighted the ongoing concern of the nation regarding the topic of genocide and the necessity of addressing its implications, particularly regarding German authorities.

He emphasized the exhaustive consultations undertaken by the National Assembly Standing Committee with diverse communities across the country, leading to a comprehensive report accepted and recommended to the Cabinet.

Acknowledging the challenges encountered during the process, Katjavivi stressed the importance of meticulous verification and thoughtful consideration in selecting 28 May as the most appropriate day for Genocide Remembrance.

“The proclamation of Genocide Remembrance Day is not merely a symbolic act; it signifies the beginning of an important journey of healing, reconciliation, and education,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, Emma Theofelus, Minister of Information and Communication Technology, revealed that the commemoration of this day will commence on 28 May next year.

Additionally, the Cabinet directed the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture to utilize Genocide Remembrance Day as a unifying factor and to identify significant sites for the construction of monuments.


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