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Nkurenkuru and Ruacana renew twinning agreement for better cooperation

Nkurenkuru and Ruacana renew twinning agreement for better cooperation

The towns of Nkurenkuru and Ruacana have reaffirmed their commitment to their Twinning Agreement. The renewal of this agreement took place recently in Nkurenkuru, Kavango West Region, signalling a renewed focus on human resources and capacity building, town planning, building control, and emergency management.

Her Worship Linda Mbwale, the Ruacana Mayor, highlighted the key areas under the renewed agreement, which cover environmental health planning and management, land management, infrastructure development, waste and water management, local economic development, finance, and administration.

Mayor Jafet Muti of Nkurenkuru echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of evaluating past agreements to identify successes and challenges. He stressed the need for a clear guideline to guide future cooperation, ensuring practical and effective implementation for the benefit of both towns’ residents.

Erastus Uutoni, Minister of Urban and Rural Development, commended the initiative and urged the towns to collaborate closely, sharing expertise and knowledge across various domains. He emphasized the significance of sharing best practices to enhance service delivery and boost local economic development in both towns.

The renewal of the Twinning Agreement between Nkurenkuru and Ruacana reflects a commitment to mutual growth and development, fostering a spirit of cooperation and solidarity between the two communities.


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