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New theatre production to shed light on ǂAonin plight set for NTN

New theatre production to shed light on ǂAonin plight set for NTN

The National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) is set to debut “ǂAoni //Aes,” a compelling new theatre production that delves into the rich heritage and contemporary challenges of the ǂAonin (Topnaar) people of Namibia.

Scheduled to premiere on 1 July at the NTN, the production will also embark on a tour of the Erongo Region in June.

According to the NTN, “ǂAoni //Aes” will be performed in English, Khoekhoegowab, and Afrikaans, offering audiences a multifaceted exploration of the ǂAonin’s narrative.

Described as more than just a play, the production serves as a poignant call for reflection and action on the pressing issues faced by indigenous communities today.

The production features a talented cast including Hazel Hinda, Diolini, and Dawie Engelbrecht, under the direction of Lelago Shilongoh. Supported by funding from One Ocean Hub and presented in collaboration with the University of Namibia (UNAM), “ǂAoni //Aes” promises to blend history, art, and advocacy in a thought-provoking performance.

The NTN has announced that free tickets will be available for the audience on 19 and 20 July, which can be obtained from their offices.

Audiences are encouraged not to miss this opportunity to engage with a powerful production that aims to shed light on the resilience and challenges of Namibia’s indigenous communities.


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