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Trade in meat and meat products shore up

Trade in meat and meat products shore up

By Freeman Ya Ngulu.

According to the newly released statistics from the Livestock and Livestock Products Board of Namibia, month-on-month beef producer prices and weaner producer prices improved for April 2024 from the March 2024 levels although sheep producer prices dropped.

Commentary from the Statistician, the Board’s Trade & Strategic Marketing Officer, Fransina Angula, for April 2024 show that the livestock and meat industry registered relatively good results during April 2024 with all sectors recording growth.

Year-to-date beef exports stood at 4,735,663 kg by the end of April 2024 in comparison to 2,304,263 kg recorded during the same period in 2023.

Beef imports remained below 2023 levels due to improved local availability of beef offal which is traditionally dominant in the import basket. Year-on-year beef imports were 26.6% lower than what was imported during the same period in 2023 whereas year-to-date imports also declined by 21.3% in comparison to the same period in 2023.

Mutton exports fell by 39.1% during April 2024 compared to April 2023. South Africa was the only export destination for Namibian lamb and mutton during April 2024.

Overall, April 2024 proved to be decent in terms of industry performance despite a couple of challenges such as declining livestock producer prices.

Domestic weaner prices recovered during April whilst, South African weaners on the other hand, fetched relatively higher prices during the same period. Sheep and goat marketing activities increased on account of improvements in live exports to South Africa while total slaughtering declined.

Goat production remaind steady with 8690 goats marketed during April 2024 compared to 8624 in April 2023. Year-to-date, registered goat abattoirs reported a combined slaughter of 1137 goats. A total of 8684 goats were exported live to South Africa mainly to the traditional Kwa-Zulu Natal market. Goat lamb prices dropped by N$1.35/kg from March 2024 to April 2024 to stand at N$28.39/kg by the end of April 2024. Year-to-date average goat lamb price stood at N$29.20/kg by the end of April 2024. Goat lamb average prices have remained below the N$30.00/kg mark for the entire year to date.


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