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Indonesia-Namibia Business Forum sparks interest in economic partnership

Indonesia-Namibia Business Forum sparks interest in economic partnership

The Indonesian Embassy in Windhoek, in collaboration with the Honorary Consul of Namibia for Indonesia, last week orchestrated the Indonesia-Namibia Business Forum under the theme “Strengthening Indonesia-Namibia Economic Partnership.”

The event, held at the Windhoek Country Club Hotel on 21 May, convened approximately 35 participants representing the government, State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), and the Namibian business community.

The primary objective of the business forum was to showcase Indonesia’s economic potentialities and disseminate information about the upcoming 2nd Indonesia Africa Forum (II IAF) scheduled for 3 to 4 September, in Bali, as well as the 39th Trade Expo Indonesia slated for 9 t0 12 October, in BSD City, Banten.

Organisers hoped to encourage Namibian delegates to participate in these events, aiming to bolster economic cooperation, particularly in trade and investment, between Indonesia and Namibia.

In his address, Indonesian Ambassador to Namibia, Wisnu Edi Pratignyo, expressed optimism that the II Indonesia-Africa Forum would serve as a platform to expand trade and investment across various sectors between the two nations.

“The presence of Namibian delegations opens up opportunities for us to further enhance mutually beneficial cooperation between Indonesia and the African people,” Wisnu said.

The Indonesia-Namibia Business Forum garnered significant interest from attendees, with several participants expressing interest in various Indonesian trade products, including palm oil, textiles, and food and beverage items.

Additionally, discussions centred around potential areas of collaboration that could be forged between the two countries, reflecting a growing enthusiasm for strengthening economic ties and fostering sustainable partnerships.


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