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Wild Horses Foundation appeals for support to secure new water source

Wild Horses Foundation appeals for support to secure new water source

The Namibia Wild Horses Foundation (NWHF) has issued a heartfelt plea to the public, urging assistance in funding the establishment of a new water source crucial for the well-being of wild horses at Garub.

With approval from the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism, the project has reached a critical stage, necessitating urgent action.

According to the foundation, individuals willing to contribute can do so by visiting their website at For international donors, arrangements can be made through Dr. Telane Greyling, a dedicated researcher, reachable at [email protected], to obtain payment gateway details.

“Our primary concern is the urgent need to locate and establish a new water source for Garub 2, which supplies the viewpoint waterhole. The current water supply is inadequate for the diverse wildlife relying on this waterhole, prompting the Ministry to transport water daily to replenish the tanks,” emphasized the foundation.

Despite the challenges, the foundation shared some uplifting news, confirming that all horses at Garub are in good health, with foals thriving, thanks to rainfall received in September 2023.

Established as a non-profit foundation in 2012, the NWHF emerged from the dedication of a group of passionate individuals committed to safeguarding Namibia’s last remaining wild horses.

Funding for their conservation efforts is primarily sourced from donations, including proceeds from the sale of branded clothing and a percentage of sales from the book ‘Wild Horses in the Namib Desert,’ authored by Mannfred Goldbeck, Ron Swilling, and Telane Greyling.


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