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Government urges removal of Cuba from terrorism sponsor list

Government urges removal of Cuba from terrorism sponsor list

The Government has applauded the United States Department of State’s decision to remove Cuba from the list of countries not fully cooperating against terrorism.

However, it has expressed concern over Cuba’s continued placement on the State Sponsors of Terrorism (SST) list, terming it unjustified and detrimental to Cuba’s people and economy.

In an official statement, the government acknowledged the hardships faced by the Cuban populace due to their country’s presence on the SST list.

The ongoing exclusion from international aid and trade, stemming from this designation, continues to burden the Cuban people.

While recognizing efforts by the US and other governments in combating terrorism globally, Namibia’s government called for the removal of Cuba from the SST list, citing the discrepancy between this designation and reality.

Ambassador Penda Naanda, Executive Director, meanwhile emphasized the importance of rectifying this situation and advocated for a fair assessment of Cuba’s status in international counterterrorism efforts.


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