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Nailbiting end to beach volleyball

Youth development player, Britta Vrey diving. The 7th and last tournament this year took place on Saturday with 12 4-a-side teams, 8 Junior Ladies teams and 24 individual players participating in the 2011 DTS Maerua Superspar Volleyball Series in perfect weather conditions.
The Junior Ladies category, sponsored by Windhoek Canopy Centre, has become a popular category for the girls aged between 12 and 17 years. 8 teams (16 players) and 16 matches later, the final was between Lientjies Titus/Maike Brandt and Julia Kraft/Bianca Kasch. Titus/Brandt did not loose a single match during the day and beat Kraft/Kasch 2-0, while 3rd place went to Saskia Henckert/Melissa Kring who beat Susanne Luehl/Janika Stoldt in 2-1 sets in the playoff for 3rd place.
The last tournament of the year, the 2-a-side division is traditionally played in a King/Queen/Prince of the Beach format, meaning each player teams up with different partners in order to determine the best individual player. 12 Ladies battled out the Queen of the Beach competition. After the first 2 rounds the numbers of players were reduced to the final 4, namely Anita Kinder, Brigitte Looser, Julia Laggner and Wiebke Hoeritzauer. Looser managed to claim the most points with each of her partners and was crowned Queen of the Beach, with Laggner and Hoeritzauer in joint second place.
In the King of the Beach, the 4 that played the final were Deon Cloete, Peter Brinkmann, Dirk Stein and Mwita Sikopo. The showdown was between Cloete and Brinkmann, who were both on a winning streak. Cloete needed more than 15 points with his partner Stein, but managed just that in order to share first place with Brinkmann, who needed a victory to become overall King of the Beach for the year.
The Prince (Youth & Social 2-a-side) competition attracted 8 players. Top players of the day were Erik Fischer, Mark Brinkmann, Klaas Woller, Gero Talkenberg. Fischer managed to win all 3 of his matches and showed the favourites how to play the game. Runner up was Mark Brinkmann with Gero Talkenberg in third place.

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