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Swakop Municipality and NHE sign agreement for 219 new low cost houses

Swakop Municipality and NHE sign agreement for 219 new low cost houses

By Adolf Kaure.

The Municipality of Swakopmund and the Namibia Housing Enterprise have solidified their partnership recently at the coastal town for the delivery of affordable housing to Swakopmund residents.

Swakopmund Mayor, H.W. Dina Namubes emphasized the important role that local authorities play in the nation’s growth through the delivery of quality services. “This underscores the Council’s dedication to collaborating with NHE to make home-ownership a reality for many Swakopmund residents.”

“We need to bear in mind that due to our mandate to perform duties that are essential for the improvement of our individual towns, we as the local authorities have a significant role to play in the growth of our nation.”

“Therefore, it is of paramount importance that we cooperate and cross subsidize knowledge, skills, resources, and expertise to combat challenges, to learn from one another and improve our service delivery for the benefit of our people,” said Namubes.

The project, which will be fully funded by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development will accommodate 219 residents in the DRC Informal Settlement who have already received Council’s approval, during the first phase. This collaboration represents a significant step to address the housing needs of the community, for affordability and better living standards.

Last year, 805 residents from the DRC settlement in Swakopmund received erven as donations from the municipality. These residents were given authority to construct brick structures and apply for electrical connections with Erongo RED.

The recent MoA between the Council and NHE is fully funded by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development and will assist residents who earn as low as N$3,000 or less to construct homes with the assistance of NHE.

The land donated in 2023 was serviced with central government funds.

Other notable objectives of the agreement include the two parties jointly approach government as well as other stakeholders and institutions, for financial assistance in the form of grants, soft loans, interest-free loans and other types of assistance, to make housing more affordable to ordinary people. The two partners will also jointly conduct research into and share information about more cost-effective building material and construction technologies.

The Chairperson of the Swakopmund Municipal Council Management Committee, Blasius Goraseb and National Housing Enterprise Chief Executive, Gisbertus Mukulu exchanging the agreement in the presence of Swakopmund Chief Executive, Alfeus Benjamin and Swakopmund Mayor, Her Worship Dina Namubes and Councillor Claus-Werner Goldbeck.


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