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A true timeless design

Namibian architect, Deidré de Waal and her husband on holiday in an architectural paradise in Europe.

Namibian architect, Deidré de Waal and her husband on holiday in an architectural paradise in Europe.

After eight years of working for various architectural houses, Deidré de Waal decided it was time for her to open her own practise, Deidré de Waal Architect. “It was the logical next step, after gaining work experience in the offices of other architects, to venture out on my own” she stated. Her firm was founded in the early 1990s.
The practise handles all architectural projects regardless of size, with a concern to utilise appropriate materials and employ design principles that lead to timeless designs. Deidré de Waal is a graduate of the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein, where she received a distinction for her 5th year thesis. She travelled Europe after graduation and worked in South Africa up to the end of 1994, returning to Namibia around early 1995.  “The construction industry is hard and it is a tough environment for a woman to be in.” She commented, revealing a little bit of the challenges she faced during her professional career. She said, “One sacrifices a lot of private time as architecture tends to become a way of life and not merely a 9 to 5 job.” “I believe hard work and integrity will bring you exactly where you want to be. Architecture had been good to me, I have had great opportunities and I have now the chance to give back to the community.” “Show up, be prepared. Always live an honest life, and travel as much as you can” She advised. On where she sees herself in the next few years, she commented, “Still running my small practice and trying to create spaces that would make people happy.” “My motto always has been – “walk your talk”. I believe in living your truth and to me that should be the best encouragement to other people.

Your beliefs will show in your actions.” She said adding, “Be true to yourself, be who you are, live an authentic life and you will be happy and above all successful. Do not let your profession define you. You are much more than what you do for a living.” The practise is currently involved in the design and erection of the Khorixas Cultural Centre. “We were asked to become part and we loved working on that project. It reminded us again that one can create a beautiful space and be creative and add to people’s quality of life even on a shoestring budget.” The one thing she said she had learnt so far, that if she had not been told, she would never believe was true, is that “Nothing is ever as important or as bad as it seems at 2 o’clock in the morning.”

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