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Meal products modified

Bokomo this week introduced various modifications to its well-known range of maize meal products.

Bokomo this week introduced various modifications to its well-known range of maize meal products.

Bokomo Foods Namibia said this week it has upped its game in the maize meal sector with the introduction of its new and improved range of Special, Super and Unsifted maize meal products. “After intensive research into the product category in the Namibian market, taking the competition into consideration and listening to what the consumers have to say, Bokomo Foods Namibia has come up with a range of products that we are exceptionally proud of. We have developed a superior range of delicious and nutritious products,” said Hubertus Hamm, CEO of Bokomo Namibia, at the launch of the new products in Windhoek this week. The three new maize meal variants are now available in new and improved packaging in a comprehensive range of pack sizes for the benefit of the consumer.  The largest 10 kg BOPP bags are reusable and recyclable. The Special, Super and Unsifted maize meal variants are differentiated by strong colour visuals and clearly recognisable under the Bokomo brand. The information on the packs is also improved, focussing on the nutritional benefits of maize meal with added cooking instructions. This information is repeated in Portuguese for export to Angola.  The maize meal is fortified with vitamins and minerals for better health. “Because we are so used to mealie pap as part of our daily diet, it is easy to forget that the significance of this food source is not only due to its availability and affordability, but that it is also a nutritious product in its own right. We now have taken it a step further and fortified our maize meal with vitamins and minerals to make your mealie pap now even healthier than ever before, giving impetus to our slogan: ‘Strong for Life’,” said Hamm.  The first new meal product, Bokomo Special Maize Meal is finer than super maize meal and cooks with a smoother texture.

The well-known Bokomo Special Maize Meal label has been on supermarket shelves since 1989. Bokomo said its second improved meal product, Bokomo Super Maize Meal is a superior product in its category, and is strongly branded in dominant red. The package design intentionally resembles the strong intrinsic energy and health benefits. The nutritional labelling elements on the front and sides of the pack are complemented by cooking instructions and tips. Bokomo’s third meal product, Bokomo Unsifted Maize Meal is targetting those consumers who prefer a more traditional course meal. The bright orange logo captures the energy of the sun. Its similar pack design shows it is part of the Bokomo Maize Meal range. Bokomo Foods Namibia is a joint venture company between South Africa’s Pioneer Foods Group and the Frans Indongo Group.

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