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A picture worth a thousand words

Darius Shiyepo and Cheguevara Hamunyela founders of  BlackPearl Corporations.

Darius Shiyepo and Cheguevara Hamunyela founders of BlackPearl Corporations.

BlackPearl Corporations is a service company that specializes in photography and video making. The company which is owned by Darius Shiyepo and Cheguevara Hamunyela is evidence that young people are moving towards activities that benefit themselves and their community at large.
Darius Shiyepo said ,“Hobbies are fun but at some point you grow and so does your expenses. Both business and personal expenses are driven by the love for fine things in life mixed with passion for photography were the logics behind our establishment.”
The company offers services such as photography and videography, which includes the methods of  production of music videos, documentaries, and videos of special occasions.
BlackPearl was birthed out of a telephone conversation between both founders this year. The daring photographers explained, “We would do anything possible that will benefit Black Pearl in any kind of way that would help us reach greater heights in all that we are aiming for. This is more than just photography and videography to us. We believe that there is a vision behind all this we are doing.” BlackPearl corporations is currently affiliated with Born Free Media Group, a youth empowerment organization on a project that it is working on by helping certain groups from two different schools in the northern parts of Namibia. “We are helping these learners with obtaining sponsorship from specific companies in order for them to be able to execute their business ideas.” “We feel like these learners need something to believe in, they need motivation and that is exactly what we are giving them and at the same time we are giving back,” Shiyepo said. Both founders went to the Erundu Senior Secondary School, located in the northern parts of the country. Although attending the same school for almost six years, they only got to know each other in 2010. A year after matriculation, Hamunyela continued on at the Polytechnic of Namibia to study Information Technology, While Darius took a gap year then went to study Information Technology at Monitronics Success College in 2014.

Shiyepo was born and raised in Windhoek, but he attended school in the north, while Hamunyela refers to his home as his laptop with Photoshop software, “I grew up in the East of Oshakati which is my actual hometown, with a family of 3. My mother, elder brother and myself. I was raised by my mother as a single parent after my father passed on back in 2001.”
“We are mainly youth orientated but we can also offer our services to more mature client. We guarantee quality for their money. We have established ourselves in the Oshana and Khomas regions this past year alone and hope to branch out to the rest of the other regions soon,” Shiyepo said. For the future, the founders said, “We see ourselves directing two BlackPearl wings, an organization made up of at list 15 employees and operational in two other African countries. We see ourselves doing extreme cooperate work like marketing and advertisement because of our type of followers” “Also, we would like to start off with an awareness project. Which will aim is to show the benefits of  using time wisely and productively to the youths, there is more to teenage life than reckless behaviour, alcohol, drugs and bars. Encouraging youths to be productive now in order to benefit them in the future and to take education, their family and health seriously,”they added.“Be humble to others. Life will humble you too when you least expect it & life can really be good somebody. Imagine Bill Gates beginnings” Hamunyela advised. Shiyepo concluded,“Courage is the most important of all virtues because without courage, you can not practice any virtue consistently.”

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