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Next Graphite initiates testing of tailing heaps

Next Graphite Incorporated announced that it will initiate bulk screening and testing of its 180,000 tonne tailing heaps of graphite bearing rock.
The testing will be carried out on site on the Aukam Farm property. Installation of the screening operation on the Aukam Farm has been tested and is reportedly ready for operation, Next Graphite said. Testing is scheduled to start on 15 July 2014 and will run the span of six weeks, with plans to screen and test approximately 500 tonnes of material. The screening is occurring under the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) currently being undertaken on the property. The oversized graphitic lump material and graphite fines will be tested for purity and deleterious elements, sorted and then retained on site in a stockpile for future processing. The set-up, testing and use of the screening operation was completed one week ahead of schedule Next Graphite said. Next Graphite Incorporated Chief Executive Officer, Cliff Bream said, “While the initial results of our Phase 1 testing were encouraging, we will adhere to the highest standards in the market and continually evaluate the size and purity of the natural flake graphite on our property. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality natural flake graphite to the market our mine can produce.”Three major tailing heaps on site are estimated to hold approximately 180,000 tonnes of graphite bearing rock, the company recently reported upon completion of its first phase of preliminary tests of the Aukam project.

The second phase of preliminary tests were launched recently and a consulting company, Element 12 (Canada) will help steer Next Graphite through the Environmental Impact Assessment phase. The start of a preliminary economic analysis study will conclude testing of the tailings. Planning of a small scale processing plant will ensue immediately thereafter. Plans are afoot to ensure that the most basic processing equipment can successfully imported within the span of three months.   Next Graphite anticipates bringing the mining project to life within a span of two years with a definite production target of 2,000 tons of graphite production.

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