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Nationwide household survey commences

Business Intelligence Africa field workers ready for work

Business Intelligence Africa field workers ready for work

Business Intelligence Africa (BIA), a research company contracted by the he Polytechnic of Namibia’s Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business (HP-GSB) this week started with the First Customers Service Household Survey in Namibia. The company is to carry out the fieldwork of the National Customer Service Household Survey. Said Karen Fietz of Business Intelligence Africa1,“Within the next two months BIA will target households in all regions throughout Namibia with their team of approximately 30 data collectors. They will have a structured questionnaire with easy to answer questions. The interviews will be done anonymously and results will be reported only in group format without identifying any names or addresses of the interviewees.” Approximately 1500 households nationwide will be targeted and their occupants interviewed on their experience of customer service in twelve key industries that have a major impact on our daily lives, namely: Supermarkets, Banks, Health Services, Municipal services, Electricity supply, Transport, Telecommunications, Security, Home Affairs, Insurance, Post Office and Education.
The survey aims to promote customer service awareness and initiate a customer service movement for service excellence in the country and Africa. The results of the survey will be announced in the first Namibian Customer Service Awards & Conference being held on the 3rd to 5th of November 2014 at the Country Club Hotel, where the best performing companies or organisations will receive awards. In addition to the different corporate award categories, BIA will also give citizens the opportunity to nominate individuals for Service Heroes and Heroines Awards. Service Heroes and Heroines are individuals from all walks of life who consistently deliver excellent customer service to their clients or community.

Professor Grafton Whyte acting Director of The Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business said, “We are hoping that Namibian consumers will actively participate in the survey which will give them an opportunity to share their experiences of customer service in Namibia. With international customer service experts as guest speakers at our conference to guide the way, we aim to establish Namibia as the African research centre of excellent customer service in the region.”

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