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Agra revamps Karasburg branch

New and improved Agra branch in Karasburg

New and improved Agra branch in Karasburg

Agra celebrated the re-opening of its Karasburg retail branch late last month after a successful reopening in March of its Rehobooth branch.
In an interview Agra’s General Manager: Retail and Wholesale, Arnold Klein mentioned Agra’s growth and other major projects that Agra is currently undertaking, “Agra is upgrading its Opuwo branch to the cost of N$11 million; building a new Agra property in the Lafrenz Industrial Park and Agra’s biggest project yet is the upgrade of the Auas Valley Shopping Mall, an investment of just more than N$100 million.” This is the second Agra branch this year, they have re-opened and as with every branch re-opening, the event included a radio outside broadcast, free hampers for clients who bought for more than N$500, give-aways and lots of specials on a huge variety of products. The Karasburg branch moved back to the original building from where it was trading until 2004, when a strategic decision was taken to move to a smaller building and rent out the bigger facilities. This branch has however since then started to outgrow its space. The growth in economy in the south and consequent bigger needs of Agra’s expanding clientèle as well as the popularity of Agra’s products and unbeatable month-end specials.
The new improvements in its revamped branch include a salt shed and fodder shed that are being built, canopies at the containers, and the livestock offices were moved back to the branch building.

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