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Software package to improve business

SALT Essential Information Technology, provider of ICT products and services to the  market, will implement 4most’s SAP Business One to improve operational efficiencies and enable future growth.
4most, a leading supplier and implementer of SAP and ERP software and technology, was selected as SALT’s vendor of choice.
“As a player in Namibia’s ICT environment it is crucial that our own in-house systems and IT infrastructure enable internal efficiencies, in turn driving customer delivery and satisfaction,” said Claudia Jaeger, SALT’s Head of Finance, HR and Administration.
After 16 years in operation, SALT found themselves with a legacy system inhibiting not only current daily operational requirements, but as importantly, future growth potential.
“We urgently needed a scalable, holistic and integrated system with access to real-time information for improved customer efficiencies, the ability to meet current business demands and cope with future growth,”she said.

SALT looked at a number of vendors, consequently discounting many on the basis of both lack of local support and cost.
“We were already familiar with SAP Business One, having encountered it a few years earlier,” said Jaeger.
“We knew what the system was capable of and were excited at how it had evolved, bringing with it even more functionality and providing a perfect fit for our requirements,”she added.
Eugene Olivier, Business Development Director, 4most echoed the same sentiments and said,“We understand the importance of local interaction and support in the long term sustainability of customer relationships.”
An existing relationship between SALT and 4most further reinforced the decision to move ahead with SAP Business One.
“SALT had involved us in a consultancy project a few months earlier, in addition to enjoying a reseller agreement,” said Olivier. This created a natural synergy between the two companies.
With ‘go-live’ scheduled for early October, Jaeger is confident that 4most’s SAP Business One is the right fit for their business.
Currently in planning phase, 4most’s collaborative nature is already apparent. “A successful implementation is as much about the technology as it is about finding the right partner,” she said.
In addition to weekly meetings, regular conference calls with 4most’s Directors are an intrinsic part of the process. With such commitment and partnership already evident, SALT has no doubt that their decision was the right one.

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