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Floating bridge huge cause for concern

Construction continues on the floating bridge

Construction continues on the floating bridge

Efforts by the Angolan authorities to construct a floating bridge between Calai and Rundu are to be challenged this Saturday when a flotilla assembles on the Kavango river to highlight the need for boats to pass along the river.
The development of a floating bridge on the Kavango river has sent environmentalists into a rage.
 While the development steadily progresses, unconfirmed reports suggest that the development of the floating bridge is being driven solely by the Angolan government.

Charlie Paxton, co-owner of the Shamvura camp remained sceptical about the construction of the bridge saying “Information is very sketchy at this stage. It seems to be an Angolan initiative, [the] Namibian Regional Council[s] and [various] Town Council[s] are very quiet and no comment about [the floating bridge] has been given so far.” According to Paxton, an Environmental Impact Assessment was not carried out on the impact of the floating bridge. Paxton remained highly sceptical about the legislative approval required for the bridge and asked, “[Has] no consideration [been] given to international laws that govern shared rivers?”
Paxton feels that the construction of the floating bridge would obstruct the flow of river traffic. “No police boats or customs [officials] will pass, no boats meant to serve fishing communities, no emergency service boats, no Ministry of Environment and Tourism boats, no hydrological research boats, no recreational boats or mukoros, no tourism boats from lodges or tour operators” he said.

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