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It irritates me!

Dear sir,
It irritates me that the NBC and others speak of the freedom fighters of Syria as rebels. The freedom fighters of Namibia were also once called ‘rebels’, ‘terrorists’, ‘murderers’ and more uglier names.
Heavily oppressed people all over the world went against their oppressors; people have the fullest right to do so. Such is the way things are and will be forever.
We regard it as dishonest and stupid what our government or in particular, our ruling party does. Backing up tyrants; backing up those dictators and dictatorships that go against – and massacring – their own people is something we have to condemn. Namibia has to back up the people in distress, all the people who fight for their freedom. For too long, we see that the well-being of the people is not something Swapo or the AU has put on its agenda.
It also irritates me that something as important as the illness of our Minister of Education is kept a secret by our government for so long. Education is the most important sector of government; education gets the biggest chunk out of our budget and the very man who has to ‘heal’ education is in a hospital, seriously ill and . . . nobody knows. Shame on you all inside the Education Ministry, and shame on you all inside the Ministry of Information, for not informing the nation.
It irritates me what H.G (Dr. Hage Geingob) told us recently. What is in our soil belongs to the nation. Everything done during the process of mining from the very beginning – facilitating the enterprise up to extraction and exporting – should benefit the nation of Namibia and the mining company.
Is it right for a member of parliament or any other office-holder, paid by the people of Namibia, to get paid for brokering deals in the sector? Can he be a ‘middleman’ in the shadows? Does it not come down to unethical behaviour if this is done, does it not come down to abusing his or her position? For advising our government on the issue H.G certainly did not get the mentioned $300,000 or did he? A MP should not be seen under the already too many blood-sucking creatures who bleed Namibia dry!
It irritates me a lot that we Namibians do not understand the most basic rules of democracy. Democracy is the most vulnerable form of government and it will not work well if we all do not participate in it. It is not good enough to vote; we have to look after our democracy each day of our lives. We, the people, have to control our democracy and if we don’t do it properly, it will be gone in a hurry!

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