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Commercial Advancement Training Scheme trainee embarks on exchange programme to Germany

Commercial Advancement Training Scheme trainee embarks on exchange programme to Germany

Dominique Taillard, a participant in the Commercial Advancement Training Scheme (CATS) programme at Manica Group Namibia, has been selected for a prestigious 55-day exchange programme in Germany.

The 19-year-old departed for Germany last week and is set to return to Namibia in March.

Taillard expressed his enthusiasm for the CATS program, stating that he was introduced to it by a family member and was immediately drawn to the concept of dual training. This approach allows participants to attend classes while gaining practical work experience. Taillard enrolled in the programme while working in the logistics department at Manica.

“I am eager to learn as much as I can from the exchange programme so that I can apply and share all the knowledge and skills back home,” Taillard remarked.

The CATS program, according to Manica Group, offers dual training to both school leavers and employees seeking to advance their professional careers. It is a private initiative by the Namibian industry and currently includes various member companies.

Participants in the program are employed by one of the CATS member companies for two years. During this time, they receive both practical and theoretical training. Practical training involves on-the-job training at the company for four days a week, while theoretical training takes place for one and a half days and covers business administration subjects, provided by the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST).

Manica Group has been affiliated with the CATS programme since 2005, with over 60 intakes and a commendable pass rate and academic achievements.

Currently, 14 CATS students are employed throughout the Manica group, learning various aspects of freight logistics and marine services.

Many graduates of the programme have secured permanent employment within the group and have advanced to senior levels within the organization. For those interested in learning more about the CATS program, Manica Group directs them to visit

The exchange program to Germany represents a significant opportunity for Taillard to broaden his skills and experiences, contributing to his personal and professional growth.


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