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O&L Leisure elevates game drives with new Land Cruisers at Mokuti

O&L Leisure elevates game drives with new Land Cruisers at Mokuti

O&L Leisure, this week announced a strategic investment in new premium Land Cruisers for its popular bush lodge, Mokuti Etosha.

This move underscores the company’s commitment to deliver exclusive nature experiences into Etosha National Park from the lodge’s premium location on the park’s border.

O&L Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme, stated “At O&L Leisure, our investments in premium products go beyond aligning with our new premium position; they embody our commitment to authenticity, care, and passion. We’re enhancing all our offerings to enrich the overall guest experience, and these handpicked and customized Land Cruisers add a distinctive touch to our unique offerings.”

The newly acquired Land Cruisers have undergone meticulous customization with features such as USB/USBC charging points, a camping Engel fridge in the front row, and adjustable armrests for camera positioning. Removing seats to accommodate smaller groups (8 people max) elevates the personalized safari experience.

“The premium version ensures superior comfort, with better seating and soft suspension. A non-slip table in the second row exemplifies our attention to detail, providing guests with a convenient space for personal items, drinks, cameras, and more,” Thieme explained.

“The Land Cruisers’ customization makes them particularly well-suited for safari game drives, offering enhanced comfort, convenience, and an intimate experience for our guests. This aligns with our broader strategy of promoting tourism in Namibia, focusing on a premium positioning that prioritizes comfort, class, and exclusive personalized experiences.”

O&L Leisure said it is excited about the transformative impact of the new Land Cruisers, reinforcing the company’s dedication to deliver exceptional safari experiences, contributing to Namibia’s status as a top-tier destination for nature adventures.

Mokuti Etosha Financial Controller, Efraim Nangolo proudly shows off one of four brand new premium Land Cruisers reflecting Mokuti Etosha’s commitment to providing unparalleled and exclusive nature-based experiences in alignment with its new premium positioning.


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