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Entrepreneur with a shocking vision

Electrifying owner of NZ Itewa Trading and Investments, Ze Itewa.

Electrifying owner of NZ Itewa Trading and Investments, Ze Itewa.

NZ Itewa Trading and Investments was founded in 2010 by Ze Itewa a young entrepreneur and electrical expert.
“It wasn’t just about employment but enjoying what you do daily and having the passion for it” he said when describing his very humble start up two years ago.
NZ Itewa Trading and Investments offers construction services, all sorts of electrical services from electric fences to gates and security wires. It also trades in electrical components, and many other elements of the electricity and electrical installation business. It all started when he got employed in an electrical company as a technician and was promoted to a foreman in under a year. “I worked hard and within a few more months, my boss told me he wanted to sell the business and he wanted me to buy it” he explained. Itewa was unable to buy the business immediately but his former boss transferred all his clients to him and it continued from there.

“Nothing is easy but you have to continue and stay motivated. I see sometimes people may start a business. then after a while they quit. Because they compare themselves to others they forget to see that others also struggled to get to the stable condition that they are in today” he said speaking words of encouragements to all other young people dreaming of starting their own business. “You face challenges every day but you have to stay grounded. I am motivated mostly by my family, my wife, my pastor and even other businesses.” “Currently I have six men employed. We are still a growing business and I see a bigger future ahead of us” he stated. “I wanted to give them the same opportunities I have, to provide for their families and have an impact in changing their lives and for them to play their role in making our country a better place” he said emphatically. On changes ince taking over the business, he said “our marketing strategies have changed and we have expanded to take over the whole electrical field. We are not a big business but we are moving. We have a vision and it brings food to the table.” “I have always wanted to make something out of myself. In my opinion the greatest mistake is to be busy but not effective, because sometimes at the end of the day, you look back and you haven’t achieved anything you are proud of” he said adding that in his opinion, the greatest challenge is knowing what to do and to be able to see success beyond any obstacle no matter how great it may be.
“I feel privileged that I was always able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want to play my part and support a better Namibia. Yes, I do receive criticism but I am very proud of what I have achieved so far. And I give God all the glory that all my efforts have not been in absolute vain” he concluded.

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