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Non-compliant buildings thorn in flesh for City

The City of Windhoek reiterated yesterday that non-compliances to building regulations by  property owners is becoming a worrying trend.
“The City of Windhoek building plans unit has the responsibility to ensure that plans are scrutinised and approved or disapproved within a period of 28 working days as per the regulations,” City of Windhoek spokesperson John Amukungo said.
Amukungo said that destruction of non compliant buildings is performed as a last resort, unless posed immediate risk.  
Construction at Maerua Mall was halted by the city for some time due to failure to submit building plans.  Building Inspectors within the City of Windhoek not could divulge what the repercussion were. Home-owners and prospective buyers of property should consult the city without hesitation as cases of encroachment onto neighbours territory has also becoming worrying he added.  “This therefore means that, if you have a structure that is not corresponding with the plan approved by the municipality, you will not be issued a Compliance Certificate, until you have rectified the discrepancies,” he added.  Amukungo further urged residents to remove vegetation that could run the risk of catching fire as well as flammable material that could be near their properties to help reduce the spread of wildfire and protect human lives.

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