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Tweya throws down gauntlet to banking fraternity

Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Tjekero Tweya was no man to mince his words and challenged the banking fraternity to make its services more accessible to members of the public at the recent launch of Nedbank franchising division.
He said, “It is pleasing to know Nedbank has responded positively. Government has posed challenges,” referring to attempts made by the Ministry of Trade and Industry to engage with relevant stakeholders for franchising initiatives. It [This initiative] will contribute towards development,” said Tweya. “Where do you come in to help create development. Our responsibility is to grow our economy, our country. We must think critically and do something about it. On the basis of your logo[pay-off line], make things happen,” he urged.
He challenged Nedbank and asked, “How long do you want to remain small? You are no longer a small boy or girl. Grow, you have the necessary aptitude!  You need to be proud of yourself and say, we made things happen, responsibly.” Launching the business unit, Managing Director of Nedbank Lionel Matthews said,  “What we are witnessing today, is not merely the launch of yet another business unit in a long list of specialised desks operating in the financial services industry.

On the contrary, this specific moment will yet prove itself as the defining moment, which will help shape the way banks think about providing support to a critical sector of our national economy.” He added, “Nedbank Namibia’s view is that this particular industry will play a pivotal role in supporting our Government’s aspirations to support small and medium-sized enterprises, and ultimately serve as a critical catalyst to create new jobs.”  Through the formation of the business unit, it is envisaged that a multitude of jobs can be created in various sector s explained Nelson Simasiku, manager for Corporate and Business Banking Franchising, adding that there was a potential to create on average 45 jobs in the retail sector, between 15 and 20 in the fast food sector and 35 for restaurants. According to Simasiku, there were over 550 franchising systems in Southern Africa, with a Steers franchise first opening its doors in 1962  The launch of the unit comes at a time when Nedbank is eyeing rapid expansion, with hopes to capture 20% market share over a five period, and definitive plan to take the total number of branches up to 40. Matthews pointed out to Tweya that two branches were inaugurated in Okahandja and Otjiwarongo recently while a third was opened in 2013 in Prosperita.

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