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No final decision taken yet- NaCC

The Namibian Competition Commission responded to the public and media this week in response to the various newspaper reports on the proposed decision regarding the health sector that had been circulating of late, of which the Commission informed the public that there was no formal communication on the matter.
The Commission confirmed that it issued a proposed decision relating to the conclusion of an investigation into the health industry in terms of Section 36 of the Competition Act.
As such parties were notified of the proposed decision and the proceedings following this action by the Commission.
Importantly, however, no final decision has been made and the Commission has invoked the process contemplated by Section 36 of the Competition Act to afford affected undertakings or parties an opportunity to make submissions in this regard. In terms of the provision of the Act, the Commission has identified and contacted concerned undertakings that may be impacted by the proposed decision and against which no relief is sought.

The Commission advices that it will be in a position to communicate its decision once the proceedings required under the Act are completed.  Heinrich Mihe Gaomab II Chief Executive Officer and Secretary to the Namibian Competition Commission

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