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Paying homeage to the dearly departed

Dear family of the deceased Kuaima Riruako, dear acting Paramount Chief Tumbee Tjombe, dear community of the Ovaherero, dear Ovaherero Genocide Committee, dear friends and comrades in Namibia, with deep sorrow and regret I learned about the passing away of Paramount Chief and Member of Parliament Kuaimo Riruako on 2nd June 2014. I would like to express my deep and sincere condolences to his close family, the whole Ovaherero community and the whole Nation of Namibia. I felt this loss even deeper, as we all lost an upright fighter for humanity and reconciliation. Sometimes it needs the people of strong courage and endurance to wake the people up and lead them to a brighter future for all. I believe Kuaima Riruako was someone like this. Often controversial, but in the end unifying, pushing the right things forward and always ready to reach beyond in the quest for reconciliation. Unforgotten will be the strong demand for recognition of the genocide of 1904-07 and the unanimous passing of the genocide motion in the National Assembly of the country on the initiative of Kuaima Riruako, as well as his visit to the German Bundestag in 2007.

Only a recognition of this sad chapter in German-Namibian relations and the openness for dialogue can pave the day for restorative justice. And I will continue this struggle on the side of the nation and strongly believe that we could one day get over with this in a dignified way and look each other in the eyes to talk about a better future for all.
My thoughts will be with you on when the Paramount Chief will be laid to rest with his ancestors. The Left Party and I pay our respect to his achievements and to his services for his people and his country. His soul and spirit will live on. His legacy remains a commitment for all of us.
Yours Sincerely Niema Movassat  Member of the German Parliament Spokesman on World Food Affairs Chairman of the LEFT PARTY Parliamentary Group on the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development Deputy Member in the Committee on Foreign Affairs Deputy Chairman of the German-SADC parliamentary friendship group

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