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WAP to clash with Tsumeb Gymnasium

This weekend a number of games in the FNB Classic Clashes will take place when St Paul’s College and St Georges kick off on the soccer field in Windhoek, while WAP and Tsumeb Gymnasium play rugby on Saturday.
Kobus Espach, Deputy Principal of Windhoek Afrikaanse Privaatskool said: “This is the first time we play against Tsumeb Gymnasium in a Classic Clashes game. In the past we met on several occasions and the games always lived up to the high expectations of the school. We are looking forward to this game because there will be a good vibe.”
Gareth Cloete, Sports Co-ordinator of St. Georges said: “We are looking forward to all our games and to once again battling St. Pauls’. The FNB Classic Clash remains a highlight during our annual soccer season. We have a decent record against St Paul’s as we have played 3 matches over the last three years losing one in 2013, so we are keen to restore our winning record this year.”

With regard to the team’s preparations Cloete added, “We selected a squad of 23 players to form our base for the classic clash towards the end of 2013. In March, our squad went to participate in the International school of South Africa soccer tournament in Mahikeng, where we advanced to
the semi-finals. We have also played warm-up matches against SKW and Concordia. Our final 16 players were selected last week Tuesday.”
Participants slug it out in an attempt to be crowned the Namib Mills and are urged to outperform and give their best. The award has become a highlight among the participants.

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