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Junior Council Inaugurated

The City of Windhoek (COW) inaugurated the 2014/2015 Junior Council on 4 June 2014 at the Arebbusch Travel Lodge. Councillor Wilmari Horn a grade 11 pupil at Windhoek High School was inaugurated as Junior Mayor for 2014/2015. Hon. Councillor M Kazapua, Deputy Mayor of the City of Windhoek advised the new Junior Councillors that their term in office should not be about prestige and titles, but rather about advancing the interest of those who they serve. “Being a leader also stresses beyond having a servant heart as you should have big shoulders that can handle tears, laughter, introspect and more”, emphasised Hon. Councillor Kazapua.
Hon. Councillor Kazapua also added at the inauguration that the establishment of a Junior Council on the structure of the City of Windhoek was a deliberate decision aimed at instilling leadership and civic responsibility in the younger generation and that it is also in line with the motto that they have adopted ‘Catch them Young’.

Councillor Emma Teofelus, outgoing City of Windhoek Junior Mayor 2013/2014, thanked all the stakeholders that have made the projects, work and activities of the 2013/2014 Junior Council a success and wished Councillor Horn and her team all the best of luck as they start to undertake their civic responsibilities. She concluded by quoting Lao Tzu, “Kindness in works creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love”. Councillor Wilmari Horn, COW Junior Mayor 2014/2015 said in her speech that the junior councillors  project for this year is themed ‘Love Yourself – Respect Yourself.’ It is centred on the belief that they believe that once one loves oneself you will love others. “Through this year’s projects, we hope to deal with most social evils predominately facing us as young people, like bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, passion killing and teenage pregnancy”, said Councillor Horn She concluded by thanking the City of Windhoek for empowering young people, affording them the opportunity to better the society and become true leaders. “We pledge our continued commitment to fulfil our civic responsibilities as Junior Councillor”, she said. In the absence of Her Worship, Councillor Agnes Kafula, the Mayor of the COW, Hon. Councillor Kasapua officially inaugurated the 2014/2015 City of Windhoek’s Junior Council.

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