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Young actors get a shot at Nigerian movie scene

Veleria Nantua, Likius Neshila and Petrina Shivute feel excited about their chance to star in a new Nigerian movie, to be shot on location in Namibia and Nigeria.

Veleria Nantua, Likius Neshila and Petrina Shivute feel excited about their chance to star in a new Nigerian movie, to be shot on location in Namibia and Nigeria.

Three young Namibians, Veleria Nantua, Likius Neshila and Petrina Shivute, have been given the opportunity to star in a Nollywood production. The film will have some of Nollywoods’ biggest stars like John Okafor aka Mr Ibu, Patience Ozokwor aka Mama Gee and a few others, also featuring Namibian actor Armas Shivute Armas. The Nigerian film industry is generally regarded as the biggest in Africa.
“We wanted to showcase the talents that exist in Namibia and therefore insisted on not contracting professionals. We auditioned young people from all over the country, with little or no experience in acting” stated RICA Universal, a local film company that scouts for talent to feature in Nigerian films.
“Action on Stage was an initiative we felt necessary. It brought together 23 different young people in one house and they had different training exercises given to them for each week over the period of three months. The public had to vote to keep their favourite contestants on the show, until we had the winner” said RICA Universal when the names of the three successful candidates were announced. “The Action on Stage Project can be defined as a project of life which enables the Namibian people to consider the future in a more optimistic way. Where people can make a living from acting they can bring a change in their society. No doubt, the world is hungry for African entertainment, they want to explore our diverse culture, arts, and economy, and Action on Stage is capable of meeting those demands by delivering an exceptional pure dramatic Namibian entertainment portfolio that will put the international community at awe” RICA stated.

“I am very excited and grateful for this opportunity. I pray and hope that we do our absolute best so that Nollywood will see our talents and call us back for more movies in the future” said Veleria Nantuua, the Action on Stage Winner, who walked away with N$20,000 and the chance of starring in a Nollywood production. “I believe this is the start of a great opportunity and I know that we will represent our country to the best of our abilities and in our acting” said Likius Neshila, who came second in the show. Although Petrina Shivute was evicted earlier in the show, her talent made the producers reconsider her for the film project “I feel very privileged to be going to Nigeria especially since I have always wanted to go there. I hope to learn all the tricks and tips of the Nollywood world in the time we will spend there” said Petrina excitedly. “Although, during the show, contestants may be evicted but we don’t forget about you and may need you in the future. You still have a chance” said RICA Universal defending their controversial decision to keep an early loser in the race. The planned film, which is a true story, will be shot in Namibia and Nigeria. “We are using this platform to express our views on the types of harsh cultures that exist amongst us, such traditions should be abolished” RICA added. “Our vision is to promote Namibia and all she has to offer. We hope through this project we will get more sponsors for our future projects.”

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