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Bank extends network, opens 54th branch

In a quest to expand its banking prowess as the leading financial services provider, FNB Namibia officially opened the new Kuisebmond branch at the coast earlier this month.
This is the 54th branch opened in the country and the 6th at the coast which makes FNB one of the banks with a wide network of banks around the country.
At the official occasion Chief Executive Officer of FNB Namibia Ian Leyenaar said the bank was proud of this new branch which had been a work in progress for a number of years and would now assist customers with all their banking needs, as per FNB’s brand promise – HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?.
Leyenaar quoted Benjamin Franklin and said “Without continual growth and progress, words such as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” This is true at FNB and we firmly believe that we have to develop and enhance our products and service offering in this vast country in order to be able to claim that we are a successful company catering to the needs of all its customers.
“Our mission at FNB is to create sustainable wealth for all stakeholders through discipline, innovation, empowerment, value- added partnerships and a passion for service. Our passion to particularly serve the Kuisebmond community is evident by our latest edition of the Kuisebmond branch that opened its doors last week,” he added.

He said FNB Namibia was well aware of the fact that a large proportion of households in developing countries lack access to financial services, which impeded overall economic growth and development. “Increasing access to formal financial services by the majority of households in developing countries remains an important policy goal of FNB. Leyenaar advised that even for those with bank accounts, physical distances to branches or points of financial service added significantly to transactional costs.
He promised that FNB Namibia would continue its drive of bringing banking to as many locals as possible, ideally all Namibians. “This means that if needed physical branches – made of bricks-and-mortar – are set up where necessary. In other cases an ATM or agency might suffice and that will also then happen.
“However, we are happy to notice the ever increasing switch to self-service channels such as Online and Cellphone Banking and the use of mobile devices.  These new electronic self-help channels are safe, affordable and very convenient,”he said.

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