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Ladies seminar empowers women to operate at their full potential

Ladies seminar empowers women to operate at their full potential

The enemy uses our unique strengths to work against ourselves and those around us said Lady Linda Songiso, wife of the Presiding Bishop of the Destiny Empowerment Center (DEC) at a ladies’ seminar, on 30 September.

The Windhoek-based church organised the seminar, under the theme ‘Unlocking your potential, unlocking your womb’, to encourage women to live a purpose-filled life by boldly pursuing their dreams

Songiso said women need each other as Christians but they need each other more as women, but for some reason, women tend to repel one another. She said the seminar was meant to unite the women and for them to understand what their purpose is and start heading in the right direction.

The Church said, that Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Anna-Marie Philander of Dun Dile, a company devoted to helping women revive their dreams, took the women through an exercise of identifying their purpose, using the SHAPE model. “With this model, the women were taught how to identify their God-given talents through Spiritual Gifts as presented in Romans 12, their hearts and passions, their abilities, personalities, and experiences,” they added.

They further highlighted that the women used this model to identify their gifts and were later tasked to bring these ideas to life by creating a vision board to help them visualise their dreams and desires.

Philander encouraged them to develop a closeness to God that will enable them to identify their purpose as God intended. “We are born by God’s purpose and for His purpose. Our DNA is part of God because we are created in His image,” she added.

She further said the women to dig deep within themselves to discover the gifts God placed in them, before the foundations of the earth. “God hard-wired us. He put dreams in our hearts. We had conversations with God before we were born. This is the time where God wants us to step out and step into what He gave us,” said Philander.

She also used the platform to share how she re-discovered herself through God after a difficult period in her life, now she uses her life experiences to encourage and motivate people to boldly pursue their dreams and live a purpose-filled life.

Leader Coach and Trainer, Dr Shirley Magazi encouraged the women to live a burden-free life by not holding grudges and acknowledged that it is sometimes justifiable to be hurt and have feelings of anger about a past traumatic event, but she implored the women to let go of past hurts by crying out to God for help.

“We sabotage our prayers with unforgiveness. For as long as the devil has a legal right you undermine your authority. Release and let go, otherwise, you will always remain a prisoner of that event,” said Magazi.

The main objective of the seminar was to empower women to recognise and tap into their vast potential, leading to more enriching lives in alignment with their divine purpose. The seminar ended with a prayer session where the women prayed over their dreams.

Anna-Marie Philander, Lady Linda Songiso, and Dr Shirley Magazi ministered at the Destiny Empowerment Centre Ladies Seminar.


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