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Port sets record straight on dangerous goods

The Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) earlier this week refuted claims that it handled and stored goods deemed dangerous and illegal.
The allegation arose after a public meeting was held by EnviroSolutions and Native Venture Holdings on the establishment of a dangerous goods storage facility in Walvis Bay.
“Ports all over the world serve to facilitate the movement of seaborne trade and play a vital role in the economic growth of a country. Namibian ports, like any other port across the globe, serve as a conduit to receive and handle various types of cargo including dangerous cargo,” stated  Bisey /Uirab Chief Executive of Namport, in a media statement.
Namport acknowledged that it has handled and stored dangerous goods in line with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code and applied Namibian law where relevant. The Namibian ports, particularly the Port of Walvis Bay handles various classes of dangerous cargo.

/Uirab added, “In as far as the storage of dangerous goods is concerned, some classes of dangerous goods are compatible with certain other classes and can be stored together. Some classes of dangerous goods are incompatible with certain other classes of dangerous goods and are stored separately, as the danger is increased if they are stored together.”
The ports authority further denied claims that nuclear waste or any other forms of radioactive material has been handled at its ports with the exception of uranium oxide from the Namibian uranium mines.
He said that uranium oxide was not kept in excess of three days and that low radiation levels were one of the prime reasons that they handled the waste, and stated that pre and post radiation readings were conducted.
“As per our records, and since inception of Namport in 1994, no nuclear waste or any other form of radioactive goods have been landed at Namibian Ports,”/Uirab said.
“However we, recognize that the establishment of such a facility may have positive spin-offs for the country. Our engagement with Native Venture Holdings dates back to 2012 and we have constantly been updated with the progress made with regards to the project,” he said.
Meanwhile /Uirab said the Ports Authority had no direct or indirect interest in the establishment of a hazardous cargo facility intended to be erected by Native Venture Holdings.“Namport has issued a letter of support for the project on condition that Native Venture Holdings obtain all the necessary statutory approvals and source their own business,” he said.

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