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Body therapist spreads beauty

Popyeni Irene Shigweda

Popyeni Irene Shigweda

Popyeni Irene Shigweda is a young skincare and body therapist who owns her own wellness spa. Here, in her small abode, she does massages and facials as well as manicures and pedicures.
Popyeni said that she knew right after getting her first job as a waitress that she wanted to be her own boss. The young woman who studied for her diploma in beauty in South Africa, started her own business last year and has been working for herself ever since.
“Currently I am training 2 other women to join me in the business”, she stated when the Economist found a spot on her busy diary last week. “I have always not liked depending on others for anything.

I wanted to be on my own and work for myself and I did it” she smiled. She is of the opinion that young people need to strive to be independent and learn to achieve the goals they set their minds to because it helps build confidence and good values. “I get a lot of support from family, friends and clients. My clients sometimes give me advice and when I meet people, they are inspired and impressed because they say I remind them of themselves at my age sometimes,” adding that she would like to offer world class service at her centre in due time.” I know that I am capable of it” she said and smiled confidently. From her business situated at the Old Power Station complex in Windhoek, she stated that there are however, some challenges that she still faces. “I want to move to town so I can be more accessible to my costumers. Transport is expensive and I have to run my own errands. At this point in time marketing is quite expensive for me because I am self-funded.” She also expresses the wish to expand in the near future to be able to offer more services at the same time. At this moment it is word of mouth that keeps me busy.” Her costumers spread the word about her services and how good she is. She has a Facebook page titled Healing Earth, Wellness and Lifestyle Centre. “I am confident in my skills and I do a great job. I would like to be given a chance too. Try me and get world-class treatment” she said.

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