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Erongo health services boosted by foundation

Hon Richard Kamwi, Minister of Health and Social Services, officiating at the opening of the new DRC Clinic.

Hon Richard Kamwi, Minister of Health and Social Services, officiating at the opening of the new DRC Clinic.

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Hon Richard Kamwi last week officially opened the DRC clinic and inaugurated three new health facilities in the Erongo region.
The three new health facilities, situated in Tamariskia, Mondesa and Hakhaseb, are part of a support project by the FNB Namibia Foundation in conjunction with the Synergos Institute, launched in 2011.
The FNB Foundation committed N$160,000 per year for three years from 2012 to 2015, to the expansion of primary health services in remote, inaccessible or otherwise problematic areas, like informal settlements.

Speaking at the official opening of the DRC Clinic, Synergos Institute’s country Director, Ms Kasee Ithana said, “The official opening of the DRC Clinic is a good example of how a local community, private business, and non- governmental and government agencies can work together to solve difficult issues within a particular community. In this case the issue was the health of expectant and new mothers and their children.”
Ithana thanked the FNB Foundation for funding the deployment of three containerized clinics in partnership with Synergos.
“FNB is also a good corporate citizen in other work with the Ministry of Health. A few months ago they donated linen worth N$600,000 to the maternity ward of the Windhoek Central Hospital, another important contribution to women’s health,” said Ithana.
In September 2012 FNB Namibia handed over their first support to the Synergos Institute for the establishment and running of mobile clinics in areas where health services are inadequate and access to health is limited. FNB said as part of its social responsibility, FNB Namibia allocates 1% of the total post-tax profits of the FNB Group to its foundation for corporate social investment.
The Manager for Donations and Sponsorship at FNB Namibia, Ingrid Goeieman said, “One of the focus areas of our government’s Vision 2030 is the health sector. The FNB Foundation aims to help the government achieve the objectives set out in Vision 2030. The advancement of all Namibians is an integral part of this vision.” The mobile clinics will improve maternal and child health in remoter areas.

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