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Parcan makes Omba Gallery shine

Roland Enke, MD of Galaxi Productions whose donation of a new lighting system has brought new sparkle to the Omba Gallery

Roland Enke, MD of Galaxi Productions whose donation of a new lighting system has brought new sparkle to the Omba Gallery

The Omba Gallery in the Namibia Crafts Centre in Windhoek sports a new attractive airy ambience after Roland Enke, the managing director of Galaxi Productions donated eighteen mini parcan lights to the gallery. These lights emit pin-points of highly concentrated, reflected beams which significantly add to an external shimmer and sharpens the visual clarity of the art on exhibition.
Enke, an electronics engineer by profession, said that based on his own observation and from experience, people are drawn to light ‘like moths to a flame.’ “Light creates ‘emotions’ which instantly makes an area like the Omba Gallery welcoming and attractive, or not. Light creates ambience, mood and positive associations” he explained.
Galaxi Productions recently completed the external multi-colour lighting display of the Maerua Office Tower. “Take a leisurely drive through that part of Windhoek at night, and you will unexpectedly be entertained by a striking display of alternating yellow, purple, blue and green lights illuminating all four sides of the newly-built Maerua Office Tower” said Enke.

Galaxi Productions is the only Namibian electronics company deemed fit and qualified to upgrade the Independence Stadium in Windhoek to FIFA specifications. With a focus on large-scale architectural and entertainment projects, Enke said Galaxi Productions makes extensive use of long-standing collaborative partnerships to initiate, manage, install, finish and maintain the industrial scale electronics projects under its belt.
Enke and business partner, Isaac (Sakkie) Kaulinge, have the perfect combination of skills and they are both on the same wavelength when it comes to corporate goals, vision and quality control, with a hint of perfectionism in everything they do. Enke and Kaulinge take particular pride in delivering exactly what (and a little more than) their clients expect.
Galaxi Productions is the approved and authorised Namibian agent for specialised equipment and technology such as D.A.S. Audio from Spain (one of the world’s leading sound reinforcement manufacturers), GRIVEN from Italy (a leading architectural and entertainment lighting manufacturer) and Barco LEDs from Belgium (a global technology partner for visualisation solutions).
“When it comes to delivering superb sound, high-impact visuals, full system integration and dramatic illumination (lighting) on a small or large scale, perfectly customised to compliment any scenario, be it outdoor, indoor, corporate, architectural, or entertainment, this specialised Namibian company is truly unique in its field” said Enke.

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