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Mufaro Nesongano the new Media Manager of Namibia Wildlife Resorts

Mufaro Nesongano the new Media Manager of Namibia Wildlife Resorts

Mufaro Nesongano is the new Corporate Communications and Online Media Manager of Namibian Wildlife Resorts (NWR). He studied Journalism and Media at the Polytechnic of Namibia, and has been in the media industry for the last 10 years, His hard working and innovative principles have rewarded him in this industry.
“What is interesting about the media field is the way we engage with different thinkers with regards to where we would want to see the country go to. The insight that each speaker or listener presents is an opportunity to learn from,” he stated. He was previously at the Namibia Business Innovation Centre.
Being the Media Manager means he acts as the liaison between the public and the NWR, standing in as a spokesperson and giving information to the public on what happens in and around NWR. “We are obviously one of the biggest employers in the country, especially since we find ourselves in the tourism sector, which is one of the sectors the government is looking at to create employment and contribute to the economy,” he stated.

Namibia Wildlife Resorts operates different camps in most of the national parks in the country. It is the only operator allowed in national parks. “We represent the government through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, to manage the different national parks, throughout the country.”
He said that he was quite excited to find himself in a different sector, one that he had never been in.
“Nevertheless I see it as an opportunity for growth as a person and in terms of career, and as a chance to be able to utilise the skills I have gained over the past years ” he said confidently and smiled. “I am inspired by my family, especially my wife. She has seen me through right until today . Also, life inspires me. The fact that I can wake up everyday and make an impact, is important to me. I live by the quote of Gandhi ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
“For those who feel that NWR has not been open towards them, they are more than welcome to talk to us. We are always willing to engage with other industries, as long as we are able to achieve the common goal, which is to create employment for the nation,” he concluded.

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