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Securities data for whole Africa

Exchange Data International (EDI), a provider of global securities data, announced earlier in May the launch of its latest service, African Economic Data Service (AFED), an unrivalled reference source of macroeconomic and financial data for all 54 countries in Africa.
The database currently covers more than 15,000 key economic and financial data indicators captured from 89 multilateral sources. These include Real GDP by sector, domestic and external debt, grants, consumer prices, employment figures and industry indicators such as gold and car production. AFED reports these figures as published by the source leaving clients the choice to adjust if required.
In addition to the macroeconomic data, EDI has grouped a number of its established datasets under a Capital Market module, providing subscribers with detailed African market data in one dedicated place.
“In recent years, EDI has seen a growing interest in its African coverage of equities and bonds”said Jonathan Bloch, CEO at Exchange Data International (EDI).

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