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Variation of Times – An Exhibition by Margit Calegari

Date/Time: Monday, 9 June, 18h30
Duration: Until 5 July
Venue: Restaurant La bonne Table

Margit Calegari has lived in Windhoek/Namibia since 1982. For several years she has been successfully involved in a variety of creative activities, such as furniture and interior design, ceramics and sculptures. Her new art works are spray-paintings on canvas, depicting figurative or abstract colour compositions. They are created spontaneously, though with extreme concentration, says the artist.
Some paintings are reduced to a minimum of colours and forms, conveying a peaceful atmosphere. Others are bright and colourful, transmitting joy and powerful emotions.
Calegari has had numerous solo exhibitions in Namibia. Her art works are in private collections in Namibia, South Africa, USA and Europe.

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