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I came, I saw and I conquered the NAMAs

I know that everyone must be sick and tired of hearing and reading about the NAMAs by now, but I just have to put my two cents worth in about the experience I had at the NAMAs.
I was in a boarding school for most of my primary and all of my high school years and I would always get this exciting feeling when I went back to school from the holidays. But after meeting my friends and making new ones the excitement would wear off.
This is the exact same feeling I had when I went to the NAMAs, except that the excitement for the NAMAs wore of the minute I saw the bus we were traveling in. Yet I consoled myself with the fact that it can only get better from here. I spoke too soon.
The trip too Swakopmund was not that bad. I mostly sleep most of the way and so did the other passengers on the bus. We got to Swakopmund without any drama and got booked into the Municipality Bungalows and then the shock hit us. I shared a bungalow with six of my fellow media practitioners, which was not a problem for me, because like I said earlier, I spent most of my life in boarding school so I am used to sharing a room with other girls.

The shocker was the stench we smelled  when walking into the bungalow. The bathroom was filthy as if the last occupants just left and the bungalow was not cleaned properly. This was not the fault of the sponsors. Obviously we complained and asked them to clean it, while we went for a media briefing. At the media briefing we got told all the rules and mostly what we should not do. Do not use your flash when taking pictures, do not bring in video cameras, do not go there, do not do that and it went on and on and on. Most of us just look at each other with that “What the F#^&” expression.
After the media briefing we went back to the bungalows to go get ready for the night, and low and behold there was no difference with the state of our bungalow. But we left it at that and some of us decided we needed a proper meal and cocktails before we could face the rest of the night.
We went to the Tug Restaurant. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it is situated above the surface of the ocean. It was just wonderful to smell the sea breeze and hear the waves while we where sipping on cocktails and having dinner. I will not go into the details of the NAMAs events because you all watched them and heard what happened. The fun part for me was the drama behind the scenes, if only I could tell you all about it
I bonded with the six ladies that I shared a bungalow with. We had fun under the circumstances and I hope we will become good friends because a girls needs friends in this profession who are also going through the same things. We were late most of the time but we did have our go-to guy who took care of us. Even though some experiences were not the best, some were just plain weird and disturbing (I only gave you the tip of the iceberg here), I had fun and I would do it all over again
I do not want to sound ungrateful for the hard work the sponsors and organisers did, because some of the drama was caused by outside factors which they could not control. And I would like to thank MTC and NBC for the experience. I sound like an artist who just won an award, I could not help myself.

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