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NDF fastest again

Nico du Plessis congratulating Leon Koehne, the master champion in a time of 53:28.The ever so successful Defence Force Team usually dominates the top positions at Windhoek Harriers.Oscar Komeya won the men’s 10km event in a time of 39:16 at last weekend’s annual Joseph & Snyman Road Run organised by Windhoek Harriers. Martin Ntinda came in second with a time of  39:51 and Tobias Hiskia third with a time of 42:18.
Ten minutes later the first woman, Nadine Agnew crossed the finishing line to win the women’s category in a time of 52:52. In second place, was Melissa Papgis, who recorded a time of 54:15, while Nadri Henning took third place with a time of 56:06.
A total of 111 runners and walkers, out of a 125 entries, completed the road running event.
Among the winners in the eight categories, ages ranged from 11 years to 82 years old.
Although the 10km and 5km run events are the most competitive, the same distances also provide an equally popular walk event.
The men’s 5km run was won by Tom Brouns in 26:20, with Drikus Delport coming in second with a time of 30:50. Oliver Hoffmann took third place with 33:02. In the women’s 5km run, Mbaningira Tjandevo displayed excellent form winning in a time of 28:25 with Kaviao Kavita second (31:53), and Ilka Preschel third with a time of 31:59.
Sponsor Bennie Joseph indicated that due to the popularity of the event, they are thinking of adding a half marathon (21.1km) at the 25th anniversary of this event next year.
With now over 200 members, Windhoek Harriers is by far the largest running club. Club evening and time trials are offered every Tuesday, starting at 17h45 for the walkers and 18h00 for the runners.
Windhoek Harriers has a number of running and walking events lined up for the rest of the year. The next run is on 10 March, again in categories 10km and 5km, run and walk. Thereafter, events will be held on 28 April, 2 June and again on the 23rd, 7 July, 18 August, 11 September and again on the 18th and on 3 and 24 November.

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