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No more cheques from SSC

Ms Saima Neke, Manager: Creditors in the Social Security Commission’s finance division reminded Social Security members that payments are no longer done by cheque, only by bank transfer, so it is important that any claim to the Commission is accompanied by the claimant’s bank account number and branch code.
“The Social Security Commission no longer issues cheques and benefits are paid directly into claimant’s accounts. This rule has come into effect more than seven months ago” she said.
Neke explained: “Although we have communicated with our customers through various ways and means – also in the media- it seems as if many are still unaware of the new regulation.

We therefore wish to emphasize this fact again. It is very important for people to take note and to ensure that they issue us with their banking details. In order to smoothen this process, we once again request claimants to provide proof of ownership of their bank account. The following documents will be accepted as proof of banking details: bank statement, a cancelled cheque, a pay slip that includes banking details or a form that should be stamped by the bank as proof of the banking details which can be obtained from the SSC offices in case of absence of any alternative proof as mentioned above.”
Members and beneficiaries are reminded to provide their banking details when submitting claims to the SSC. Payment advice related to Employees’ Compensation Fund payments continues to be mailed to the suppliers via the post or email for ease of reference. “In cases where banking details have changed, the respective SSC offices should be notified timely” said Neke.

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