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Fatalities up 62% over past weekend

The MVA Fund Call Centre recorded a total of 57 crashes, which claimed 13 lives in separate incidents over the past long weekend. The fatalities have increased as opposed to 8 recorded over the same period the previous year.
Data released by the MVA Fund showed a notable decline in crashes and injuries. More people however continue to die and for the period under review, on average 4 persons were killed per crash. Overloading and night driving have been identified as contributing factors to mass fatalities.
MVA data further showed that crashes reduced by 20%, injuries reduced by 12% and fatalities increased by 62%. Data captured over the weekend showed that crashes occurred in the Khomas region with a record of 21, Erongo recorded 11, Oshana 6, and the Oshikoto Region 5. No crashes were recorded from Zambezi, Ohangwena and Omusati region during the long weekend.

Roll-overs and pedestrian-related crashes have continuously been the highest types of accidents. 17 or 30% of the total record of crashes were a result of roll-overs followed by pedestrian-related crashes. Roll-over types of crashes are mostly attributed to speed MVA data showed.
A total of 72 vehicles were involved in crashes during the Cassinga Holiday, of which 38 were sedans followed by 29 pick-ups. Private vehicles were the most involved in crashes,  with a total record of 40, 8 were public transport vehicles and information on 19 others is not known the MVA data revealed.
According to the data released, a total of 129 persons were injured during the long weekend. The graph indicates that more young people aged between 16 and 35 were injured in crashes, as per the records, 49 persons in the pre-mentioned age bracket sustained varying degrees of injuries. Passengers were the most injured in crashes, with a total of 76 passengers having sustained various levels of injuries. Drivers were also injured, with 10 cases recorded.
The MVA Fund thus appeals to all road users to assume individual and collective responsibility of a safe road network at all times. The interventions will also target the young, who mostly bear the brunt of these crashes. But all in all, we all have a responsibility to protect each other on the roads.

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