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Your career and destiny is in your hands

Berthold Mukuahima, Human Capital Director of the O&L Group of Companies

Berthold Mukuahima, Human Capital Director of the O&L Group of Companies

The Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group of Companies has issued a statement pertaining to their recruitment practices which ensure that not only are the right people employed, but that they are also guided and appraised to achieve their best. At the same time employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their personal career paths.
Berthold Mukuahima, Human Capital Director of the O&L Group of Companies advised that the Group – when recruiting people – considered a balanced combination of skill and attitude. He elaborates: “With skill we look for a combination of qualification(s), experience and competencies required by the job and with attitude we look for people who will fit into our culture and believe in the purpose and values of the group.”
To ensure the right people are employed in the right job, O&L has a very good and comprehensive recruitment policy as well as procedures and systems in place which provide a clear guideline for the recruitment process. Furthermore, the group also operates a customized Performance Management System where employees outside the bargaining unit need to achieve their key performance indicators within a financial year.

Mukuahima: “As part of the performance process, employees are responsible for a certain percentage of the performance contract, which they need to achieve at a certain rating in order to qualify for a bonus. The ownership is thus on employees to deliver in order to receive a financial incentive, as it is not guaranteed at any level.”
When looking at Namibia as a whole and the unemployment situation, Mukuahima said employers should create a vision and a culture that employees want to be part of, as people want to be part of a bigger purpose that adds value to the greater society and country. “I would say the Purpose of the organization/company must be something that they can believe in, feel willing to be part of and that they wish to contribute towards. Build an active value-driven culture, a culture in which everyone knows exactly what the kind of behaviour is that they can expect from each other while also holding each other accountable. To employees, your career and destiny is within your own hands, make the right choices and take ownership for your personal growth and success.  I would like to quote Arlen Price who said – ‘Where the heart is willing, it will find a thousand ways. Where it is unwilling, it will find a thousand excuses”, concluded Mukuahima.

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