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Film Review – The Best Man Holiday

Director: Malcolm D. Lee
Screenplay: Malcolm D. Lee
Cast: Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Morris Chestnut, Terrence Howard, Harold Perrineau, Regina Hall, Eddie Cibrian, Melissa de Sousa.
Genre: Drama

The Best Man Holiday is the sequel to the 1999 film The Best Man. The sequel picks up a few years later, after the first film.
I am going to assume that you have watched The Best Man, if not watch it first before watching The Best Man Holiday. The Best Man Holiday tells the story of long-time friends and the intricate relationships amongst themselves and with their spouses. Harper Stewart (Taye Diggs), is married to Robin (Sanna Lathan) who is nine months pregnant. Harper is a writer suffering from a severe bout of writers block and has been so for several years. His wife Robin is a chef. They are in financial trouble because Harper has not written a book in three years and has been fired form his day job.
Julian (Harold Perrineau) and Candace (Regina Hall) are married and have two children. They run a school that relies on donations. But because a donor found out about Candace’s past as a stripper, their school is in jeopardy of closing down. Jordan Armstrong is a workaholic and is dating a man, Brian (Eddie Cibrian) and she is not sure how her friends are going to react to this. Quentin (Terrence Howard) is still the womaniser and free spirit that he was in college while Shelby (Melissa De Sousa) has done well for herself by landing a position in a reality show after she has written a book. Lance Sullivan (Morris Chestnut) and Mia Sullivan have four children. Lance is a successful football player while Mia is a housewife. The story revolves around events during the holidays when Mia has invited all the friends to her place. However, most of them are reluctant to accept because there is a lot of tension and unfinished drama between them. Eventually though,  all the friends decide to go spend the Christmas holiday with Mia and her family and then the real drama starts. Because the media and the audience did not make such a fuss about The Best Man Holiday I thought this film would be disappointing but I was actually pleasantly surprised while watching it. It has a beautiful storyline that captures one’s attention from the minute the film starts until its end. There are many moments in the film that you just think, wow, that was a wonderful moment right there. The actors make you feel like you are part of their friendship. Watching the movie , I caught my mind wondering, thinking Yes, I know a friend of mine who is like that and it helps you to understand why that person acts in that particular way. Like most people, after we leave school, I have lost touch with most of my friend or rather I do not see them that often. But with those that matters, I still chat on the phone and email them, and when we do  get a chance to meet again, we pick up right where we left off. This movie is exactly like that and if you are a sentimental type, you would appreciate that value of simmering, but lasting friendships. It just shows that a friend will always be a friend even though you do not see each other as often as you would like to. I would suggest you invite your friends to your house for a sleep-over, even though you might think you are too old for that. No children and no spouses, just you and your friends, then you watch The Best Man Holiday. Have fun!!

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