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Insightful quotes for achieving success

Franklin Ohiozebau, author of an inspiring compilation of quotesA compendium of  major successes, spiced with historical philosophical quotes and opinions: “Analytical Motivational and Insightful Quotes for Achieving Success” (Volume I), published in October of last year by Franklin Ohiozebau, really is a book worth your while to read.
This is what he has to say about it: “I have been a collector of quotes since High School. I had a little book that I called the ‘Quote Bank’, but little did I know then [that eventually] I was going to publish it in book format. The manuscript was actually ready by the end of 2010, but I could not get a publisher,” said Ohiozebau. Throughout the book, the quotes are systematically analysed. By providing inspiration through extensive research, it aids readers to gain invaluable insight into the minds of the authors of the quotes by providing an encompassing context. According to the author the compilation process was interesting. In the light of him loving “wisdom and inspirational quotes,” he says that “It moves me each time I read one. I have a personal journal that I write any inspirational quotes or words I hear from my parents, friends, or read in books. My initial idea was to compile them the way they are and publish commentaries on them, but then I came across a book of the same nature titled ‘All philosophical quotes’”. In 2008, as a major article contributor and Editor-in-Chief member of a team publishing a business and inspirational magazine called “The Motivator”, he realised that the information within his reach could also be published in book form – to establish a legacy! In his own words: “Then I said to myself that I needed to make a difference with this idea. So I began to identify ‘key words’ alphabetically and arranged the quotes that fit, analysing them systematically.

In the process I found out that most people don’t really understand the idea behind the quotes of these authors. That encouraged me to carry on, knowing that I will be making such an impact, and that was what actually appealed to the publisher to accept my manuscript as ‘there is no book like this!’” Taking a good look at quotes from great thinkers such as Benjamin Franklin, Jean Nidetch, Robert L Schwartz and even some from his late father Hon. (Chief) Ohiozebau Paul Abiodun Aigbevboile, he says that “As a High Chief and Community Leader, the author’s father was well-known for using wisdom proverbs when addressing people. I learnt a lot from him. He made me gain interest in philosophical and wisdom quotes at an early age.” The book takes into consideration general quotes, even though obviously not all quotes can be found in it! Without a doubt, as author of the selection, he took into consideration quotes appealing to him. The style of the book is such that quotes were selected under key-words arranged alphabetically. In the first volume, selected quotes analysed are from ‘A’ to ‘N’, so he will continue and complete the series in Volume II by analysing selected quotes from ‘O’ to ‘Z’. After that, he would like to have a 2nd edition of both volumes in order to address quotes not included in the first editions. The publisher is AuthorHouse UK Ltd., with administrative correspondence and operations in Bloomington, USA, however. “I never had a one-on-one meeting with the publisher, but we were always in touch via e-mail and telephone right from the time my manuscript was accepted till now, as they are the main marketers and always seek my opinion on any move they want to make concerning the book.” The book is currently being reviewed by Kirkus Indie Book Review and is published in soft and hard cover as well as e-book. It can be purchased online at or directly at the publisher’s website, or the book marketing site:

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