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Lucrative international trading platform for Namibian charcoal launched

Lucrative international trading platform for Namibian charcoal launched

CMO INTERNATIONAL has just launched a brand-new application for Namibian charcoal producers to further international supply chain options into the European and North American markets.

Charcoal products certified according to standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) will benefit from using this application. Namibia is the first country in the world to start trading on the ForestTrader portal (FSC-N Code).

CMO International with its office in Otjiwarongo under the leadership of the group’s Namibian Manager, Ms Lilani Fourie, emphasised that FSC® certification is the key component to ensure market access, for Namibian producers.

According to Fourie, CMO Namibia is more than prepared to assist producers of charcoal with knowledgeable and hands-on assistance in reaching the untapped world market for their products.

Fourie believes the software they have developed is versatile, user-friendly, and easy to use and the benefits are plenty, and include amongst others:

• An easy navigation platform;

• Application-based for use either on a tablet, PC, or mobile phone;

• Quick and real-time functionality;

• Tracking utility to determine prospective buyers and price offerings;

• Logistical assistance with the shipment of orders, and

• A paperless payment innovation.

“CMO’s ForestTrader has the full support from the FSC’s international centre in Bonn,” she said adding that it will revolutionise trading in charcoal for the better.

Fourie is of the viewpoint that small-and-large scale producers will now be benefitting from this innovative world-class application and will be competing on a level field.

For further information or a demonstration email CMO Namibia at [email protected] or phone their offices in Otjiwarongo on +264 81 696 2224.


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