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Axali Doeseb to receive lifetime achievement award at the NAMAs

Axali Doeseb Namibia’s first post-Independence black conductor of the Namibian National Symphony Orchestra and author of the Namibian National Anthem will be this year’s recipient of the NAMA Lifetime-Achievement Award.
Tim Ekanjo, NAMA Executive Committee Chair, has described Doeseb as a musical beacon and guiding light of Namibian music, pointing out that he has had a flourishing career with deep roots in contemporary, modern, traditional and fusion music, with his artistic mark and influence being evident in almost all music genres in the country. Ekanjo also stated that after so many years of Independence, many young Namibians still do not know who composed Namibia’s national anthem, and therefore this is to recognise Doeseb for his musically inspired contribution, especially for the anthem unifying all Namibians. Axali Doeseb was born in Okahandja and came into contact with music when he took up piano lessons for the first time at his Alma Mater: the Martin Luther High School in Okambahe. He represented Namibia and chaired the committee that was tasked with the composing of the AU Anthem in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

As a sought-after composer, Doeseb has helped compose various school anthems around the country and produced tracks for some of Namibia’s greatest artists, such as Ras Sheehama, the late Jackson Kaujeua, Eric Mundjua, Sharon Van Rooi and Pieter Josef !Auxab. Doeseb is also the co-founder of the Ugly Creatures music band, a live pre-Independence pop, soul and gospel Namibian group. Ekanjo reiterated that it is only fitting that this year’s recipient for the Lifetime-Achievement Award should be Doeseb, because he left an indelible mark in contemporary Namibian music, and to this day he continues to play a big role in nurturing, advising and composing musical scores for the Namibian society.

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