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More mentees benefit from Katuka training

The mentees in the 2014 Katuka Mentorship Programme this week completed their second training session for this year under the guidance of trainer Sabine Rügg on the finer points of effective communication skills. Standing from the left are Mervyan Konjore from Measure CSI, Daphne !Owoses from Namcor, Brumhilde Beukes-El Lakkis from Purity Manganese, Pamela Kashamba from Standard Bank, Johanna Nakanyala from MedSchemen NHP, Jean-Mary Mushongo from Namwater and Iiue Kauta from City of Windhoek. Seated are Olivia Haludilu from the University of Namibia, mentor Roswitha Kandjii from Anpris Enterprise and a Swiss exchange student, Eveliene Döhring, who attended as observer.

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