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Streamlined corporate identity emerges from Nictus brand overhaul

Streamlined corporate identity emerges from Nictus brand overhaul

Introducing their new logo and corporate branding, the Nictus Managing Director, Francois Wahl, said the well-known company has reached a point where all the changes encapsulated in the new vision and mission statements, had to be made visible to customers and shareholders alike.

“With the help of amazing local talents, we have refreshed our logo and brand identity in general, to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our future,” said Wahl.

The company’s new brand identity is described as “modern, recognisable and versatile,” and part of the ongoing evolution of Nictus.

“Our new simplified, recognizable and modern visuals speak for themselves. Over the past three years, Nictus has shifted its focus on stocking a wide range of more modern furniture which is reflected in the enhanced and modernized hues of the logo.”

“The change is our re-assurance to you that our trusted quality remains as it has always been and we will always offer affordable options for customers from all walks of life as well as adding real value to the lives of ordinary Namibians,” Wahl assured.

Nictus Marketing Assistant, Henok Sivambi, said the new identity is geared to modernism with a minimal look that is adaptable to the digital world. “Our new identity also speaks to our vision on offering a wide variety and range of camping, outdoor, health and fitness, solar, baby products and more, and not only furniture.”

“The company is focused on the future, while respecting the heritage of the past, and we believe our new identity will embolden that,” concluded Wahl.

The sales staff at Nictus’ large new modern showroom in Windhoek now sport a neat uniform reflecting the company’s new vision for the future.


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