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Kariseb looks to promote sustainable development and foster collaboration among members in the Omaheke Region

Kariseb looks to promote sustainable development and foster collaboration among members in the Omaheke Region

Newly re-elected Chairperson of the Management Committee of the Omaheke Regional Council, Hon. Ignatius Kariseb recently said that he strives to achieve the goals and work towards the betterment of the region.

“Our region has immense potential and as Chairperson, I am committed to promoting sustainable development, fostering collaboration among members, and addressing the challenges that lie ahead,” added Kariseb.

He said the Management Committee will focus on implementing innovative strategies that promote economic growth, enhance infrastructure, and provide essential services to the communities.

“We have resolved that at least 40% of employment opportunities in the region should be reserved for the youth. I am, therefore, directing the Administration to start implementing this resolution in line with the relevant legal framework. As Councillors we must be the forerunners to ensure that opportunities are created for our young people in the region at all times,” he stressed.

He further announced that they have secured N$17 million for the construction of the Ovambanderu and Maharero Traditional Authority offices as well as the renovation of the Batswana Ba Namibia Traditional Authority office.

“We have further approved a housing proposal to address and tackle the housing crisis in all the constituencies in the Omaheke region, to improve the dignity of the inhabitants,” he explained.

He urged his colleagues to seize this opportunity to make a lasting positive impact on the region and to leave a legacy that future generations will be proud of.

“I accept, the task to steer this ship for the remainder of our term as the Sixth Regional Council of Omaheke and we must serve our electorates with the utmost integrity, fairness, and intensity to continue driving the development agenda of the people of Omaheke region,” concluded Kariseb.


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